Revolutionize Your Construction Timekeeping with Bynaus

Accurate, Efficient, Transparent. Unveil the Future of Construction Time Management.

Features Overview

Clock In/Out & Facial Recognition

Enhance the accuracy of time tracking and eliminate buddy punching.

Cost Codes & Project Tracking

Get a clear view of your finances across multiple projects.

Project Monitoring & Profit Protection

Measure projects against time budgeted, allowing managers to detect issues early and prevent unprofitable scenarios.

Delay Log

Mitigate delays and avoid litigation, regaining revenue.

Integration & Reporting

Seamless connection with accounting packages and daily automated reporting.

Union Compliance & Cross-Platform Accessibility

Bynaus works on Android, Apple, and web computers and complies with most union rules.

Why Did We Build Bynaus?

Solving Real Problems for Subcontractors and Businesses

In the construction industry, certain challenges consistently hinder subcontractors and businesses from reaching their full potential. Through many years of in-depth conversations with clients and hands-on experience, we’ve identified the areas where companies lose the most money and where additional revenue can be captured. Bynaus is not just a tool; it’s a solution born from understanding the industry’s pain points. Our focus is on tackling the most critical issues that lead to financial loss and missed opportunities, turning them into areas of strength and profitability. We’re committed to making projects more profitable by providing actionable insights and powerful features that directly address the unique complexities of the construction world.


Build Stronger, Profit Smarter

Bynaus brings over 25 years of industry experience to address the real-world challenges faced by subcontractors in construction. Designed to strengthen companies and reduce vulnerabilities, our innovative timekeeping tools focus on critical areas where money is often lost. From accurate tracking to delay management, Bynaus empowers companies to grow and thrive.


Affordable Solutions for Every Company

Core System

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With Delay Log

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